What Is The Naked Experience?

A cozy, fresh, cuddly, luxurious, sleep-so-well, you-don’t-remember-it night. Go ahead, Fall “In Sleep” With Us.

  • EVERYTHING that touches you is freshly-laundered. Sleep naked, it’s that clean.
  • Cloud-like European-style individual duvets, so you don’t fight over the covers.
  • Designed to enhance your “something” quotient. Whatever that “something” is for you.
  • Restful bliss so you wake up on the Pineapple side of the bed.
  • Wrap yourself with big thirsty towels. All the way around.
  • Signature lightweight, cozy robes so you don’t answer the door naked.
Below is a music video highlighting Staypineapple’s rooms and amenities, specifically "The Naked Experience." It starts with a dancing housekeeper stripping the bed sheets for washing. While she’s washing the bed sheets and cleaning the room, the video also shows a young man heading into the hotel with his dog. After the sheets sheets have been laundered, the dancing housekeeper remakes the bed, highlighting the European style double duvets and large pillows. With the room now clean, the young man enters with his dog. He marvels at the size of the room, jumps on the bed, kicks off his shoes, gets up, and slides across the floor into the bathroom. As he’s showering, his dog grabs a large towel from a stack for his use. Once done showering, the young man slides into Staypineapple branded slippers, puts on a comfortable yellow robe. The video ends with him putting a do not disturb sign on the door.