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Hungry? Thirsty?

You give us your time and we’ll give you what you need to the make the most of it. When you want to seek out phenomenal dining and drinking options, our hotels are perfectly located to do just that. But when you’re in a rush and want equally impressive choices without leaving the hotel, we have that, too. From morning espresso bars to breakfast and lunch cafés to late night nips and noshes, Pineapple takes no culinary back seat. 

But First, Coffee

Start every day right with signature coffee and tea blends in your room. Or venture downstairs to the lobby where you’ll find espresso offerings, quick bites and grab & go items.

Afternoon Delights

Need a little afternoon pick me up? We have just the thing…our signature pineapple cupcakes, local coffee and pineapple-infused water. Enjoy every afternoon in our lobby. Nobody’s watching, so go ahead and have seconds (or thirds).

Do Happy Hour, Pineapple Style

Every hour is happy around here—but Happy Hour itself is definitely our favorite. Head in to the hotel restaurant/bar for the best way to cap off any day: with booze, bites and spirited conversation.

Dine With Us

From cozy to contemporary to classic, our restaurants are the ideal spots to indulge and imbibe. Grab a bite before a show or bring a date and toast the night away. Cheers.

Anytime Munchies

Craving something but don’t want to go out? Your very own salty and sweet in-room snack box will take care of that. Throw on your Pineapple robe and slippers, stream a movie and end the day on a high note.