The Pineapple Story

If you believe that hospitality is an experience, then read on….because we agree.

We have created an atmosphere that continuously evolves from feedback provided by those who work and stay with us. Listening and asking why…is what we do.  Questioning and believing it can always be better, is the essence of Staypineapple.

Because there is power in fluidity, we want to be able to course-correct quickly. Therefore, we have decided our board of directors is simply our guests and team members. No unnecessary outside influencers.

We love what we do, therefore we do it all.  When you make a reservation, as we hope you will, your call is answered by our own Pineapple People.  When you call to get directions or are looking for the perfect activity, you are talking to our Pineapple People. When you are enjoying your coffee, cocktail or snack you are in the care of our Pineapple People. This amazing website was created by our Pineapple People.  We touch everything, you get the idea.

We are hospitality redefined!  That means we believe strongly in the value-creation for each guest and every team member.  From afternoon delights (cupcakes and coffee), BIG fluffy towels, robes, slippers to cozy over-stuffed duvets and beds which you will want to take home.  Oh yes, don’t forget all the yellow things like bikes, pens, coffee mugs, umbrellas – see?  Like 98.723% of our guests, you will leave with a big smile and a new memory while looking forward to your next visit - that is our Pineapple mission.