Bring Your Best Friend With You

At Staypineapple, we aren’t just dog-friendly, we’re dog obsessed! We take pride in catering to all dogs, and giving them (and you) a unique and extremely comfortable stay. So the next time you're heading to a Staypineapple city, skip the anxiety about whether or not your furry friend should make the trip and bring them along for the fun so everyone can make new memories.

Best of all, when you book our Pineapple Pup Package you'll save 50% on your daily pet fee - only available when you book direct on


When you and your best friend Staypineapple, you'll get to experience some of the best dog perks in the business like:

  • A special Staypineapple dog bed for use during your stay
  • Staypineapple treat tin; we like to think of it as afternoon cupcakes for your dog
  • Colorful water bowl that's yours to keep
  • Walk-friendly waste bags in a yellow holder to show your Pineapple pride for many walks to come


Since our hotels are located in exciting cities and locations, we know (and kind of expect) that you’ll be out exploring the sites and going on adventures. If some of these plans don’t include your furry friend, THAT’S OKAY! We just ask that you use our doggie door hangers to let us know whether your room is available to cleaned.

SIDE 1: Fido staying in for a nap? Please hang the "My Owner is Out Exploring (please go away)" side on the door. We’ll wait for you to use the Everything Button to let us know when we can clean the room.

SIDE 2: Everyone going out? Please hang the "My Dog Is Out Exploring (please clean my room)" side on the door, and we’ll be in to tidy up.


Find all the details you need for your stay, browse through some of our favorite four-legged guests, or check out our blog for all things Pineapple Pups!