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A Hotel for Huskies just minutes from UW campus. Check out our serious style, colorful motif, and a range of upscale amenities.


Staypineapple's Word Scramble

Join in the fun of a road trip game!

Sorry, the Giveaway has ended, but you should definitely still play just for fun.

To play this game, you will search for hidden pineapples to find ten letters. You will then unscramble the letters to spell the secret word.

Tag a friend! See if you can find the pineapples and solve the secret word before they do!

How to play

  • Read the clues below that will lead you to the correct hotel on the Staypineapple website.
  • Search that hotel’s image gallery to find the photo with the hidden pineapple that contains a letter.  Write down the letter from each pineapple.  
  • Once you have collected all 10 letters, unscramble them to discover the secret word.



Clue #1

Look for the hotel with the cool space where you’ll have plenty of time to play a game of Scrabble before walking to Pike Place Market.

Clue #2

Look for this hotel to be a beacon of yellow across from Tom McCall Waterfront Park, with an interior design full of roses and sparkly floors.

Clue #3

 Look for the Husky out in front of this hotel, just minutes from campus.  We are not just dog- friendly, but also Dawg friendly.  Dubs Up!

Clue #4

This elegant hotel will fill your vision with beautiful art.  Look for tango dancers gliding above you, penguins under the stairs, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and golden gowns seemingly floating in the air.

Clue #5

Look for this kitschy little hotel, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, full of bright colors and a groovy retro feel.  Complete with a pool and floating flamingo. 

Clue #6

Look for the hotel with the steam fireplace complete with floor to ceiling mantle supported by Husky paws.  This hotel lobby offers a great place to relax and enjoy a slice.

Clue #7

Look for this hotel to be an additional ray of sunshine in a city that truly embraces the concept of Taco Tuesday.  

Clue #8

Look up from the coziness of The Naked Experience in this hotel and you can count the pineapples on the ceiling. And then wake up on the pineapple side of the bed the next morning ready to take on Bunker Hill!

Clue #9

Look for the hotel that is a National Historic Landmark building, just blocks from Millennium Park, where you will need to use real old fashioned keys to enter your room.  Don’t worry, they are sanitized.

Clue #10

Look for the hotel with the inlaid Italian mosaic pineapple on the lobby floor as you head out the door on your way to the Space Needle.