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Refresh with Staypineapple!

Grab a snack on the way out or a cold beverage on the way in with a $10 daily Eat + Drink credit.


WTF? Where's the Food?!

Staypineapple New York

We’re changing things up a bit with new social distancing protocols. But our artful lobby is the perfect backdrop to eat, drink, and gather. Six feet apart, of course.   

We love New York because it’s a city that is alive at all times of the day.  Recharge in the lobby with lightning-quick Wi-Fi, colorful surroundings, and inspiring artwork. You can get work done without interruption, or catch up on social media. Sip your favorite beverage, have a picnic, or just hang out while enjoying our space. Make a purchase from our Pineapple Quick Bites & Bevvies cooler or ask an Everything Person for recommendations or a list of delivery options.

New York is an incredible food mecca, and Staypineapple is perfectly located for you to experience the best of what the city has to offer.

Refresh with Staypineapple!

Grab a snack on the way out or a cold beverage on the way in with a $10 daily Eat + Drink credit.



Waking up is hard. Having coffee in your room is easy.  Start every day right with the Keurig in your room.  If you would like more of the signature coffee and tea blends just hit the Everything Button on your in-room phone and we’ll happily bring you more.


Upon check-in, our friendly Everything Person will offer you our signature pineapple treats and freshly brewed coffee.  Nobody’s counting so go ahead ask for seconds (or thirds).


Salty, sweet or savory?  Luckily you won’t need to choose, because we offer a variety of snacks and refreshments.  Simply ask an Everything Person at the front desk for assistance. Our team is also ready with recommendations for tasty dining near the hotel and the best takeout options.


We know the beds are way too comfy to leave so we got you a Butler.  Room Service by Butler offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and even adult beverages delivered right to your guest room door. You can conveniently order online or use a QR code from your phone.  And the best part is NO delivery fee!


Your eating choices in New York City are as limitless as your cravings. From Chinese to Italian, classic French to food truck, - New York City is one of the best food cities in the world, even if you’re just grabbing a quick slice.

Go out and enjoy it or have it delivered. When you’re ready to surrender to your food coma, know you’ll rest comfortably in our cloud-like European-style individual duvets.