WTF? Where's the Food?!

Staypineapple New York

We love New York because it’s a city that is alive at all times of the day, and we’ll help you stay energized so you can enjoy the best of it. Recharge with Afternoon Delights in the lobby featuring our signature pineapple cupcakes and coffee, or break into the in-room snack box to fuel your adventures in New York - just don’t forget to save some for when you Streampineapple to end the day.

New York is an incredible food city, and Staypineapple is always perfectly located for you to experience the best of what the city has to offer.


Waking up is hard. Having coffee in your room is easy. Our in-room Keurigs will help you get that early fix to start your day. If a quick cup in your room is not your style, there’s a coffee shop on every corner ready to make your venti, skinny, shot in the dark, one Splenda, almond milk, two pump white mocha.


From Chinese food to Italian, classic French to low-down diner, Momofuku™ to Shake Shack™ - New York City is one of the best food cities in the world, even if you’re just grabbing a quick slice. Go out and enjoy it, and when you’re ready to surrender to your food coma, know you’ll rest comfortably in our European style double duvets.