The Maxwell Hotel
Seattle Downtown

300 Roy St
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 286-0629
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Eat + Drink

Eat, drink and be a very happy traveler. The Maxwell Hotel is home to Pineapple Bar and Pineapple Espresso for essential on-the-go items as well as The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen serving up some of the city’s best pizza.

Pineapple Bar

A color-changing bar top? But of course! The Pineapple Bar is located in our lobby and serves up inspired cocktails for the thirsty traveler.

Pineapple Espresso

The perfect place to grab-n-go or grab-n-stay. Pineapple Espresso is conveniently located in the lobby where you can pick a comfy chair and enjoy your favorite coffee drinks and wrapped up breakfast items delivered to your seat.